YesWeCann Parade & Hullabaloo August 12th in Arcata, California

YesWeCann Parade & Hullabaloo
empowered by Humboldt Green

Celebrate cannabis culture and support our community by joining the YesWeCann Parade in Arcata! Continue the festivities at the ballpark with live music, a family interactive zone, food trucks, vendors and a medicinal 215 market.

Parade participation is open to everyone. Farmers, cannabiz, organizations, non-profits, local businesses, schools and groups in support of the cannabis community are all invited to participate in the parade and Hullabaloo.

Save the date for Saturday, August 12th. Check-in is from 11:00 am to 1:30. The parade kicks off at the HSU parking lot located at 14th & Union street at 2:00 pm and ends at the Arcata Ballpark. The party continues with the Hullabaloo in the Arcata ballpark until 10:00 pm.

Does your business, organization or group want to show support for the cannabis community and join in the celebration? Visit to register for the parade. Everyone who participates in the parade will gain FREE entry to the Hullabaloo!

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YesWeCann Community Parade

YesWeCann say Yes to changeYes We Cann Parade & Hullabaloo Logo

YesWeCann create a logical path forward & protect our most cherished agricultural crop

YesWeCann parade peacefully together to show the world we are one

YesWeCann lift up the community by showing what’s possible

YesWeCann build a future for sustainable cannabis agriculture in our community

YesWeCann be proud of our heritage and stand United

YesWeCann embrace the inevitable & flourish with the opportunities presented to us today

YesWeCann come together around the things that have divided us

YesWeCann come out of the shade and into the light.

YesWeCann lead the world. This is our time.



The first YesWeCann parade was in 2015, through Eureka, California and proceeded to the first ever Cannifest. Reclaiming the name Farmer for the cannabis cultivators of Humboldt is an ongoing process. Much like a ‘coming out’ for the local cannabis community, our community no longer needs to hide from the public.  Stepping out of the shadows and into the light is hard to do alone, yet together it feels like home.

Our mission is to create a  space for cannabis patients, farmers, consumers, businesses, and other local communities to interact and learn from each other. Together, we can make a better future for everybody.

Bringing the parade to Arcata is that natural evolution in the hope of creating a yearly event.

Pictures of the 2015 YesWeCann Parade, photos taken by Sharon Letts

Parade Details

Details on the Parade

If you want a to share this event or get a reminder, here is a link to the Facebook Event. We are also using the hashtag #YesWeCann to call out

Elevate your business and raise awareness about your product or service at the Yes We Cann Parade & Hullabaloo. There are a number of sponsorship opportunities available at our cannabis-friendly community event.

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Yes We Cann Parade Signup


If you would like to participate in the parade, you can still show up at 14th and Union Street Parking lots (on HSU campus) between 11am and 1pm and find the “Registration” or “Check-in” booths.

Please join and share the Facebook event